Staying Upright: Runner’s Posture

Is there an ideal runner’s form? Well, looking at it from the other direction, there is very poor runner’s form. It is quite easy to distinguish someone who is running upright from someone who is obviously winded, but there are more insidious ways in which running can take a toll on your joints. Focus on these tips to ensure your body is not absorbing too much damage as you run across the world. 

  • Face forward: Your head sets the tone that the rest of your body follows. If you are staring down, your shoulders will likely start caving forward and your upper spine will resemble a hunchback. Plus, you may miss some pretty sights. Face forward and stay upright. 
  • Keep your shoulders loose. If you feel them tensing at any point during the run, take a break and shake them out to break the tension. 
  • Remember that your hips are your center of gravity. Staying upright prevents your pelvis from tilting forward, which often causes low back pain. 
  • Try to vary the surfaces you run on. Only running on concrete is very rough on joints in both the knees and back. 

This kind of running posture will save you a lot of trouble if you are a consistent runner. If you come home aching after runs, it is best not to push yourself further before checking in at Scorca Chiropractic Center. We screen your back for any underlying injuries that may be compounded by a steady diet of running and offer you the treatment that gets you back on your feet in no time. Call our office in Fremont at (510) 656-9077 to schedule an appointment today. 

Dr. Francis Scorca, D.C. 

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